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With over two decades in the security industry, Servitutti has served homes, businesses, transportation centers, hospitals, shopping centers, government facilities, financial institutions and educational institutions in the tri-state area. We emphasize a great deal on exceptional customer service while upholding the highest security standards.

Servitutti is a family owned business in Pottstown, PA, and we know that it’s important to establish a friendly and trustworthy relationship with our clients.


We offer many methods of security to meet your expectation and understand that “in order to be secure, you need to feel secure.” We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service.

Top-quality work since 2006

Our success rate speaks for itself. Since the company's inception over 25 years ago, there has never been a security system compromised has been installed by Servitutti.


If you want your home or business protected, choose us. You can count on the best electronic security integration systems that encompass CCTV, access control systems, fire alarms, monitoring and many other security products and services.

Backed by 25 years of experience

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Here at Servitutti, we envision building a strong, lasting relationship with our clients and suppliers, creating a mutually advantageous foundation for perpetual growth and improvements within the security and services industry.


Servitutti electronic design integration offers more global security protection including environmental monitoring systems. Our company stands out from competitors because we simply do not consider failure an option.

Servitutti Inc. Electronic Design Integration is devoted to delivering security monitoring systems that present clients a high sense of protection and safety in their home, business and neighboring environment. Quality customer service is our hallmark and we tailor our security services to the specific needs of each client.

Our vision

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